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Casting a wider net in Social Media this year? Get social media fit fast!

January 20th, 2010 No comments

Social media is already slated as the online marketing weapon of choice for the new decade by pundits in the industry, are you ready to join the conversation?  Ugh, cliche already, but unfortunately quite fitting.  By social media, it’s important to distinguish between individual platforms or tools and over-arching marketing strategy.  You can’t talk about social media from a platform standpoint by only including Twitter in your tactical planning, you need to recognize all the facets and touch points that contribute to a holistic engagement program.  Start off on the right foot, and enroll in Marketwire’s Social Media SM10x30 fitness program and make good on your social media New Year’s resolution.

Disclosure: I work for Marketwire, but I contributed to this program and think it’s pretty good, honestly.  It’s free, so satisfaction is 100% money-back guaranteed.  What have you got to lose? Read more…