Bryan Eisenberg interview, sneak peek of SES Chicago

Bryan Eisenberg professional speakerI finally managed to hook another big one in the online marketing industry, none other than Bryan Eisenberg. However, if I were a fisherman I’d be somewhat disappointed and throw him back because he lost a whopping 55 lbs since April! All kidding aside, I’m delighted to have him on board for this Q&A because Bryan is really making it look easy lately, especially when you consider this interview is on the heels of jury duty, countless speaking engagements as a professional speaker, and balancing a family and successful career, plus a healthy new lifestyle. He’s scheduled to participate in an upcoming panel entitled “Turning your web analytics into a money-making machine” at SES Chicago. We caught up to him last week for an exciting telephone interview covering a wide range of topics including a sneak peek at SES Chicago. Continue reading Bryan Eisenberg interview, sneak peek of SES Chicago