Top 6 Skills of a Great Web Analyst

Disclaimer: this article was originally written for Search Engine Watch.

What is one of the biggest problems in online marketing? Bryan Eisenberg puts it best: it’s our critically high demand for skilled people.

Why? One of the root causes is the supply and demand of data. As data becomes an exceedingly cheap commodity to online marketing professionals, the sheer supply of data creates a significant problem.

We can’t find enough skilled people to read, react, and respond to easy to spot risks or significant growth opportunities, and it will cost online business a lot of money this year. Continue reading Top 6 Skills of a Great Web Analyst

February 2010 search marketing news in review

This February, I’m going to start a new recurring monthly post of recent news and events in the search marketing industry.  These are a collection of links to articles that I’ve collected over the month that I think are valuable resources to online marketing and can range from paid search, to SEO, to analytics, and social media. Continue reading February 2010 search marketing news in review

New Year, New Decade, New Blog!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first working day of the decade!

Although I have thoroughly enjoyed the downtime during the holiday season, I took a long-needed break from tweeting (as a grown man, I still feel utterly shamed saying that) and invested a good amount of time expanding my blogging empire.  It all came about when I started researching my top posts of 2009.  I realized that my most popular articles were those about web analytics, so locking myself in my home office just before New Year’s Eve I hacked yet another perfectly fine WordPress theme to build a brand new blog dedicated to web analytics called

Please visit, comment, bookmark, subscribe to RSS, and favorite it all over.  Because, well, I’ll know if you bounce. 😉

SES Chicago Day 1 Recap: Strong focus on data, ROI and LTV

I was quite surprised to see such an overwhelming emphasis on web analytics, data, integration, and core business impact metrics such as return on investment and lifetime value of the client today. It’s somewhat unusual for much of the session talk to stray far from general search marketing, because as marketers we perhaps tend to gloss over the numbers in the name of branding efforts and long term investments in growth. Not so with SES Chicago! Not anymore! Continue reading SES Chicago Day 1 Recap: Strong focus on data, ROI and LTV

Avinash Kaushik stops by to talk about Web Analytics 2.0

Avinash Kaushik InterviewYou’re sure to remember that back in June, I interviewed Avinash Kaushik in advance of his appearance at SES San Jose 2009.  Well, he’s agreed to come back and talk to us again, and this time we’re chatting about his new book Web Analytics 2.0, which is on sale now.  Just like his old book Web Analytics an Hour a Day, his new book is chock full of great advice and helpful life lessons when it comes to web analytics, plus proceeds of his book go to great causes (Smile Train and Ekal Vidyalaya). Continue reading Avinash Kaushik stops by to talk about Web Analytics 2.0