Online marketing news in review, July 2010

Lots of great content out there this month as it relates to search, social, and analytics. So much so that I’m beginning to worry.  Doesn’t anyone go on holiday anymore?  With all that great info out there, coming down to a handful of favorites was tough, but here it is, your online marketing articles of the month for July 2010.

  • Smart social media ROI, is an article I wrote for that seemed to do quite well because there is definitely a growing need to a) correlate social media efforts to ROI, and b) develop a long-term strategy that nurtures the new channel.
  • The Best Social Media Presentation I’ve Seen isn’t really an article per se, but shows the true behind social media facts collected by Paul Adams, a user experience researcher at Google.  Thanks to Alex Cohen for sharing.
  • Bryan Eisenberg wrote a great article called, “Intervention for a PPC Addict” which is essentially an intro into a workshop Bryan is running as a part of OMS.  It’s definitely worth a read, it’s okay, no one’s judging you.  😉
  • Fellow Canadian Andrew Goodman, of PageZero, wrote a great post about content targeting, which is still a great way to generate brand recognition and low cost per acquisition.
  • Marty Weintraub at Aimclear does detail like no one else; he wrote a fantastic post that details the nitty gritty steps in coming up with a kick-ass social media marketing campaign.
  • Google Webmaster Tools offers a ton of information detailing search queries by impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and average position.  How do you use this information to sculpt your SEO campaign?  Tom at gives you an idea of how to target the low-hanging fruit.
  • Oh, how I love Rand Fishkin’s robot cartoons… Doing my own A/B and multivariate testing, I know it’s tough not to get caught up in the minutiae, great great post, check it out.
  • Think your paid search manager is full of shizz?  Mona Elesseily gives you five tell-tale signs that you might have an imposter in your midst.

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