WordStream launches SEO Toolset

WordStream today announced a strong addition to their online marketing research and content creation products with the release of “WordStream for SEO”.  Dubbed “keyword research on steroids,” WordStream for SEO is an advanced toolset of more traditional keyword research tools prompting discovery through suggestions, but also additional keyword analytics, organization and content authoring tools such as the Blog SEO plugin for FireFox.

Starting at $49/month, WordStream provides much more along the lines of value than competitors such as Wordtracker:

  • Traditional keyword research: conduct keyword discovery research from a deep database of search engine queries
  • Personalized keyword suggestions: mine your site’s data to find keyword opportunities people are already using to find your site
  • Keyword analytics: skip vague estimates of popularity, continuously track and measure keyword popularity based on visits and goals
  • Keyword organization: segment your SEO strategy by grouping keywords and formulating clusters for better overall information architecture
  • Content Authoring: Blog SEO is a FireFox plugin that works with content management systems such as WordPress, Blogger, Drupal to generate better, more focused, search engine friendly blog posts, product pages and sales copy

This is a fine array of tools that really add to the overall product mix WordStream has provided in recent months.  To explore WordStream for SEO and experience the full SEO Toolset, sign up for a free trial by visiting:


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