March 2010 search marketing news in review

March 2010 was a busy month for the search marketing industry, mainly due to news and announcements surrounding SES New York.  Here are a collection of links to articles that I’ve collected over the month that I think are valuable resources to online marketing, which include great content covering paid search, SEO, web analytics, and social media.

  • Dan Friedman of the Inside AdWords crew posted an article detailing new targeting tools for brand advertisers on the Google Content Network.  Advertisers can now bid for above the fold placements to achieve greater impression share.  Apparently the folks at Google are able to calculate using statistics whether an ad placement appears above the fold or not.  Interesting idea.
  • Andy Komack of Search Engine Land writes about lead quality and how to qualify clicks to PPC ads.  Anyone can get B2B leads, but how many are actually generating revenue?
  • Erin at PPC Hero posted an article discussing persona marketing, although she didn’t come out and call it that.  An interesting read nonetheless entitled, “Defining your PPC strategy.”
  • Think this year still isn’t the year of mobile?  Think again.  According to Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land, mobile search query growth is dramatically higher than PC.  Make sure you aren’t missing out on golden opportunities: advertise locally, and turn on a few mobile campaigns.
  • Harry Gold of ClickZ posted an interesting article about social media ROI metrics.  If you’re having trouble quantifying success and growing your social campaigns, here are 7 easy ROI metrics to look for.
  • Fellow Canadian Andrew Goodman of Traffick wrote a great post detailing new Google Adwords attribution features.  Last click attribution sucks, but until now we really didn’t have anything else (free, at least).
  • Feel like geeking out?  Richard Baxter of SEO Gadget wrote an uber nerdy post on Excel pivot tables, gotta love it.  Go beyond your normal reporting tables and deliver some meaningful insight for once!
  • Tooting my own horn again… here is a post I wrote for the Marketwire blog detailing the supporting roles multimedia and social media have in SEO.  It even includes the SEO chart of awesomeness… not to be missed.

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