February 2010 search marketing news in review

This February, I’m going to start a new recurring monthly post of recent news and events in the search marketing industry.  These are a collection of links to articles that I’ve collected over the month that I think are valuable resources to online marketing and can range from paid search, to SEO, to analytics, and social media.

  • Google is smarter than you, it’s true.  Jessica over at PPC Hero posted “Your Managed Placements: Why They Don’t Work,” which details what happens when you try to single out high converting sites from your automatic content network campaigns.  Sometimes the results are less than great, hit up the link to find out why.
  • ClickEquations released their eBook “21 Secret Truths of High-Resolution PPC” by Craig Danuloff.  Download will cost you your contact info, but their white papers, literature and blog posts throughout the year are well worth it.
  • Rebecca Lieb of Econsultancy documents the ad-stravaganza that was Super Bowl XLIV in an article entitled “The Super Bowl and the value of social media,” which details how advertisers leveraged their ridiculous spend on social media platforms.
  • John Lee of Clix Marketing wrote “What the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance meas to PPC Advertisers.”  John predicts that the alliance could mean great things for advertisers that are frustrated with YSM’s current interface; a unified advertising platform based on Adcenter’s interface is certainly a welcome change.  However, it could also mean we’ll pay a little bit more per click as a result of increased adoption and competition.
  • Bryan Eisenberg actually tweeted this link to Luke Wroblewski’s post entitled, “Mad Libs Style Form Increases Conversion 25-40%.”  It’s a brilliant idea that probably won’t work for every website, but it’s definitely worth testing.
  • Avinash Kaushik was nice enough to retweet an article I wrote entitled, “SEO metrics and where to find them,” which details a variety of tools marketers can use to measure the effectiveness and ROI of SEO campaigns.
  • Some disturbing stats from Manoj Jasra in a post called “Half of Fortune 500 Have No Natural Search Visibility.”  Bad SEO? No problem, spend money on PPC to make up the difference, right?  Well, that’s one strategy, I guess.
  • Nick Shin of Marketing Shindig recently wrote a blog post on “30 top objections to social media and how to respond” that got tremendous exposure.  Check it out if you are thinking of integrating social media in your online marketing mix, and need an arsenal of rebuttals.

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