Oh Google

I feel that the initial posts on this site should probably include a bit of a background of my past relationships with individual search engines, and will undoubtedly reveal emotions of frustration, angst, fear and loathing (not necessarily in that order). Other authors in the blogosphere will tout Google’s praises, but the relationship I have with Google is more “love/hate” in nature.

On one hand, how can you possibly hate a site that attracts more than 80% of search traffic? Well, I could write a long and detailed list of all my complaints, but that would not for longterm Blogging make. I gotta hand it to them though, the little search engine that could, certainly did.

To their credit, the Adwords machine works well for the most part. It has some serious problems in other respects, and could certainly use some of the technology that both Yahoo and MSN currently offer, if and only if it will suit their business model. They also have a decent crew of client representatives that do their part in helping work out the kinks – much love girls (well, mostly girls in my experience).

Managing every facet of your campaigns is another huge advantage of Google Adwords. If you want the freedom to do whatever you want to do with your ads, you can (within the limitations of the AUP, of course). This is great for us that have been in the game for a while and know what we want and have an idea of how it will work. Little things such as the Google Adwords Editor, which is currently in version 3.5.0 for instance, is constantly updated with new features that make changes quicker and easier.

Of course, you have to know what to ask for of your Google client representative or relationship manager to unlock full control over your account, but we’ll cover those features soon enough.

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